After Builders Cleaning Services


We provide After Builder Cleaning for domestic and commercial customers. We have been contracted with some of the leading construction companies across the Southcoast. So whether you are a homeowner, construction company, property developer or interior designer, we offer an affordable, high quality after building cleaning service that will include duties below.


New Builds:

  • Removal of paper protection.

  • Vacuum all areas including pipes, basin, boiler.

  • Clean all floors and staircases.

  • Clean radiators.

  • Removal of manufacturers’ labels.

  • To clean all marks from interior walls where necessary.

  • Wash and dust all gloss work.

  • Clean all sockets, switches and electrical fittings.

  • To clean all kitchen cupboards and appliances inside and out.

  • Remove from floor all plaster.

  • Wipe down all doors and top of architraves.

  • Loft hatches and garage doors washed.

  • Interior and exterior windows cleaned, labels and any plastic covering removed.


Throughout property and bedrooms


  • Dust through

  • Remove all cobwebs from ceilings

  • Clean all spots off the walls if possible

  • Clean mirrors and pictures

  • Clean top of picture frames

  • Light fittings and shades

  • Clean all switches

  • Wipe all skirting boards

  • Wipe top of all doors

  • Wipe behind

  • Curtains - hoover and dust both sides

  • Wipe curtain rails

  • Wipe fire place and surrounding area




  • Clean inside

  • Wipe down window sills

  • Wipe doors, remove fingerprints

  • Clean top of the door


          Drawers and shelves

  • Clear out

  • Dust through



  • Wipe down tables

  • Remove fingerprints

  • Remove cushions, hoover inside sofa

  • Move beds and drawers, clean underneath

  • Move sofa, clean underneath


  • Vacuum through to edges

  • Move furniture for access

  • Steam clean if needed (for extra charge)

Hard Floors

  • Wash down

  • Check for residual hair and dust




Cupboards and drawers

  • Clear inside out

  • Check if it is sticky around handles

  • Check for marks around handles

  • Throw away any unneeded items


  • Clean

  • Descale

Wall tiles

  • Clean and dry





  • Remove all grime, mildew, and food deposits

  • Wipe door handles if sticky

  • Clean the rubber seal

  • Freezer

  • Clean inside and out

  • Wipe door handles if sticky

  • Dishwasher

  • Remove all grime, mildew, and food deposits

  • Check filters

  • Washing machine

  • Wipe down inside and out

  • Check the rubber seal