House Cleaning


Basic standard house clean includes;


Kitchen dishes & sufaces, full house vacum, bathroom units, toilets & sinks. Dust. Full deordorise and sanotize.



From £10.00 p/h labour only

Carpet Cleaning


1 Bedroom £24.00

Box room/study £19.00

Living room/ Diner £29.00

Hallway £14.00

Stairs £2.00 per step

Landing £5.00

Bathroom/toilet £6.00

Rug £5.00

Office Carpet Clean from £1.50 per square metre

After Party Cleaning







From £14.00 p/h

Move In/Out Cleaning


Includes same as Standard House Clean & Standard deep clean.


Animal hair removal


Ceiling vacum


From £99.00 2 bed flat (2 Cleaners)

Additional Services

Laundry Wash & Dry


£10 per basket



Inside Cabinets


£20.00 per kitchen





Inside Fridge


From £20.00

Deep Spring Cleaning


Standard deep clean includes;


All of standard house clean.


Full kitchen clean, inside cupboards, white goods, flooring.


Inside windows & mirrors

All doors and skirting throughout.


From £99.00 (2 Cleaners )


Upholstery Cleaning


Coming soon

Inside Oven


From £59.00 



Interior Walls


From £100.00



Interior Windows


£14.00 p/h wash, dry & polish